The 8th Understanding Complex Systems Symposium will be May 12-15, 2008 at the UIUC



Behavior of Open Multivariant Systems

May 15, 2001
Department of Physics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The symposium, which will bring together researchers from many academic 
disciplines and from industry, should stimulate cross-disciplinary 
research activities. A small group of distinguished invited speakers will 
review the field of complex systems research. 

The organizers will provide information about funding opportunities for 
complex systems research and promote linkages for interdisciplinary proposals.

- Common features of emergent structures in open multivariant systems, 
  such as earth quakes, turbulence, lightning, and information flow on
  the internet. 
- Development of novel mathematical tools for modeling, prediction, and 
  control, such as non-linear dynamics and chaos, renormalization, 
  fractals, neural nets, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, and 
  artifical life. 
- Design of simple and robust physical systems that can self-assemble, 
  self-repair, and understand their environment. 

Please check the www page for the 2003 symposium.
Please check the www page for the 2002 symposium.

Invited Talks:
Eberhard Bodenschatz, Cornell 
David Goldberg, UIUC  
Predrag Cvitanovic', Georgia Institute of Technology
Craig Bethke, UIUC
Alan Middleton, Syracuse University
Nigel Goldenfeld, UIUC
John Marko, UI at Chicago
Paul Goldbart, UIUC
Allen Hunt, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Gary Friedman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Wang-Ping Chen, UIUC
Sue Coppersmith, University of Chicago  
Bruce Fouke, UIUC
Cristina Marchetti, Syracuse University
Gerard Wong, UIUC
Gottfried J. Mayer, Pennsylvania State University
Carl P. Simon, University of Michigan

There will be three 2-hour hands-on tutorials that will teach
basic concepts and build intuition. 
No prerequisite knowledge is required. 
- Tutorial I, 10:10am: Chaos and Harmony 
- Tutorial II, 1:30pm: Tree-like Graphs and Fractals
- Tutorial III, 3:30pm: Artificial Life - Cellular Automata,
                     Genetic Algorithms, Neural Nets



List of Participants

Call for Papers:
Both 25-min. oral talks and poster presentations are invited.  Please send a
brief (<150 words) abstract by May 7, indicating your preference for an oral
or poster session.  The conference schedule, which will be updated daily as
abstracts are submitted, is available at

Alfred W. Hubler,, (217) 244-5892
Karin Dahmen,, (217) 244-8873
Paul Melby,, (217) 333-4403

All presenters are invited to submit a paper for publication in the journal

Online WWW Video Recordings and Lecture Notes:
Complexity Digest offers to record and post videos of the talks and to post 
lecture notes at no charge, subject to the permission of the speaker.

Department of Physics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1110 W Green Street
Urbana IL 61801

Click here for Hotel Information. Several hotels offer free shuttle 
from the airport. In addition there is a shuttle service from the Champaign 
airport to the university (reservation required: Corky's 217 - 352 3121).
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Conference Fee:
None. Everyone who registers by May 7 will receive a FREE LUNCH on May 15.

Department of Physics,UIUC
Center for Complex Systems Research, UIUC
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechnics, UIUC
Department of General Engineering, UIUC
Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (IlliGAL), UIUC
Materials Computation Center, UIUC
Geology Department, UIUC

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