How to Get CP

CyberProf Viewer works with most Web-Browsers automatically

    No installations or downloads necessary. Just put "" in front of the URL of your document (userid:guest, password:guest)

CyberProf Operating System Beta Test Agreement for Universities, and Schools

    Non-profit educational institution can obtain a free copy of CyberProf through a beta test agreement starting from July 1, 2001. The agreement will be posted here soon.

CyberProf Operating System Licenses and Technical Support

    During an introductory period starting on July 1, 2001, a limited number of licenses are available at no charge:
    1. 1-Year Individual User Licenses with access to a CyberProf server and Technical Support by email
    2. 1-Year Commercial Site Licenses with a copy of the CyberProf code and Technical Support by email

    After the introductory period the fees for commercial licenses depend on the level of service, starting at 1USD for 1-Year Single User License for occasional usage.

Please send all requests to

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