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Use CyberProf Tags on Non-CyberProf Servers

    You can use CyberProf Tags on Non-CyberProf servers. For an example, we have a page which named as homepage.html created with CyberProf tags and inline Perl inline Java features; it is on a Non-CyberProf servers -- URL=http://www.ccsr.uiuc.edu/~alfred/homepage.html.

    Special CyberProf features won't work if you view it directly with current URL. But you now can view it with: "http://www.how-why.com/cgi-bin/cyberprof/os.exe?document=http://www.ccsr.uiuc.edu/~alfred/homepage.html&userid=alfred&passwd=cheers98"
    Note: The are two levels of password protection:

    1. The CyberProf server prompts the user with a password window. For the server www.how-why.com, just enter userid: guest, password:guest.
    2. If the document itself is password protected add the userid and password in the query string, such as "&userid=alfred&passwd=cheers98 "

    This makes it possible for non-CyberProf user to test with CyberProf features. It is also convient for the instructures who use CyberProf to use pages developed on non-CyberProf servers.

CyberProf version 1.0

    Version 1.0 provides more exciting experiences for CyberProf users.

    Our newest version is a complete rewrite of the current version. By focusing on modularizing the code we have achieved a version that will be more stable, smaller, and faster. By listening to our current users we have added features such as a word processor style editor, a web based spreadsheet (for custom gradekeeping and added course material functionality), the ability to mix JAVA, HTML, and PERL in single pages, a new survey mechanism, and more.

    CyberProf 1.0 will be available around July 1, 2001.

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