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Jon Thaler teaches Physics 100, "Thinking Physics," a new course designed for students not prepared for the standard calculus-based sequence. Thaler uses CyberProf to create on-line discussion notes and interactive practice problems.
Ian Robinson uses CyberProf in Physics 101, "General Physics: Mechanics, Heat, and Sound," a non-calculus-based course designed for students in the life sciences, preprofessional health programs, agriculture, and veterinary medicine.
Alfred Hübler teaches Physics 102, "General Physics: Light, Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics," another non-calculus-based course. Hübler uses CyberProf to create Web-based lecture notes and interactive homework problems. Students in the class also use CyberProf to conference with their peers and teaching assistants.
Scott Willenbrock, Mats Selen, Alan Nathan, Lance Cooper, and Susan Lamb use CyberProf in Physics 111, "Introductory Physics for Scientists and Engineers." Students in Physics 111 complete CyberProf quizzes and homework exercises on the Web in order to learn principles of classical mechanics.


Christine Yerkes teaches Chemistry 102, a second semester introductory chemistry course oriented toward the biological and medical sciences. Chemistry 102 uses an extensive set of interactive chemistry homework problems on the Web. Students in Chemistry 102 also use the CyberProf bulletin board system to learn from older students who serve as on-line peer tutors.
Patricia Shaply teaches Chemistry 331, an organic chemistry course for many students in preprofessional health programs. Shaply uses CyberProf to develop lecture notes and quizzes for the Web. Her students also use the CyberProf conferencing software.


Deanna Raineri teaches Biology 122, "An Introduction to Molecular Genetics and Eukaryotic Cell Biology." Students in Raineri's class use the CyberProf system to complete quizzes and homework assignments on the Web.
Stanley Maloy uses CyberProf in Microbiology 316, an upper level course in microbial genetics. His students use CyberProf extensively for NetworkTA conferencing.


Jane Leuthold teaches Economics 102, "Microeconomic Principles," and Economics 214, "Introduction to Public Finance." Students in Leuthold's classes use the CyberProf conferencing software and complete quizzes on the Web.

Courses served from CITES

CITES (Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services) hosts or hosted a number of CyberProf courses on their machines. A few of these courses are listed below:

    Bus 402, 403, 405
    EdPsych 392
    Bio 349

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